WATCH: Lee Yi Kyung’s song “Leave Work On Time”

Gwaenchana, Gwaenchana!

I am sure most of you know that hilarious line in the comedy kdrama “Laughter in Waikiki”. One character stood the most and that is Lee Yi Kyung‘s role as Lee Jun Ki, a passionate actor who is willing to do anything just to succeed as an actor.

Aside from Lee Jun Ki, he played a variety of portrayals with comedic characters like his role in “Go Back Couple” in which he played the role of a funny friend Go Dok Jae, Hotel Del Luna as the Bang Tae Wo. Such rich comedic acting skillsz!

But hold up, not only he can act but he can sing! Last February 2020, he release a music video titled “Leave Work On Time”.

Watch the music video:

He also appeared in Music Shows:

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