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ICYMI: DPR Live came back with a full length album!

Hong Dabin, also known as his stage name DPR Live, finally came back with a full length album I.A.O.T (Is Anybody Out There?) after his last EP Her in 2017!

This is his first ever studio album with a total of 11 tracks.

According to DPR Live in his interview with 10asia, “This album talks about love and contain his own stories.”

As stated, he thought that fans would want to know more about him, and thought of expressing it through music.

That is why he came up with this autobiographical concept.

When you listen to the whole album, you will notice that track #3 To Whoever is a little different as it is like a narration.

This album was released on March 3 with an official music video of one of the title tracks Legacy.

Just 9 days after the official release, they also uploaded a joint music video of the other title tracks Kiss Me and Neon.

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