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#VictonInMNL: PH Alice spent a nostalgic night in ‘Victonland’

Victon came to the Philippines last December 21, 2019 for their fan meet at SM North Skydome.

It was their first time in the Philippines and was also their last stop for their Asia tour Voice to Alice.

They started the show with What Time is it Now from their album Voice to New World.

It was followed by their introduction, and a bit of recap from their Asia tour. They also talked about their first win from SBS MTV’s “The Show” with their song Nostalgic Night from their new mini album Nostalgia.

When asked about the Philippines, they said that the weather was hot but they did not expect the PH Alice’s welcome to be even hotter. They also said that they wanted to visit Boracay as they were told that it was beautiful.

To get closer to PH Alice, a segment called “Secret Life Photo” followed. In this segment, each member shared three photos and explained each of those.

– Shared a photo of him standing with Sejun and said that they look like ahjussi, but for the fanmeet he said they look like cute students.

– Shared a photo for their new album, he took a selca with Hingu filter (correct me if I’m wrong) and said that it was a sexy concept.

– He took a photo after Idol Olympics, he was super exhausted that’s why he escaped.
– He also shared a photo as a behind the scene photo from their album photoshoot because he thought he was the sexiest guy with the photo and did a live sample of it.

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– Shared photos of his hair when it was in mint or green color. He also said that his hair color change as they travel for their fan meet.

– Said that he had a hard time choosing a photo because he was not good in taking selfies. PH Alice did not believe him and he defended himself by saying that he has a lot of selcas that he can’t show.
– His third photo shows sunset with a can of beer. He said he thought that the sunset was beautiful that’s why he bought a beer and that he took the photo because he was happy.

– Shared a photo of Hanse and Seungsik in pink couple clothes. He said that they were supposed to go out and both members wore matching clothes.

After the “Secret Photo,” “Box with Question” followed. In this segment, each member will draw a question from the box and answer the question. Some are messages to Victon while some are memorable questions including:

Hanse – Favorite English song is Thinking About You

Byungchan – The question was, “If he was to choose between saving his pet and his members who would he choose?”

He answered, “He will save the dog and go back with his members.”

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Sejun – “If he goes to another country what does he want to do?” His answer was concert.

Seungsik – The question he got was for Subin, “Are you not human? Are you an angel? Subin answered that he was human like an older or younger brother.

After the question segment, they did a performance of their ballad song “Farewell” from their album Nostalgia. Then, a VCR was shown for PH Alice to watch.

It was followed by a dance performace of the song Gangsta from the Suicide Squad album. Afterwards, they asked PH Alice what song fits their costume and then they did a performance of their song called New World from their Nostalgia album.

After removing their coats, they got ready for a game called “Silent Dance.” Victon was divided into two groups, the left and the right, but they decided to come up with a name and cheer.

Right Team called themselves Team Pabebe — Seungsik, Sejun, and Subin. Team Left called themselves Team Manila — Byungchan, Chan, and Hanse.

The winner was Team Manila and the losers were asked to do a catwalk and sexy dance by the end of the runway created by Chan. The fans were on their feet and happily screamed. After Team Pabebe did their punishment, a chant started that Team Manila should also do it. The hosts were surprised that Team Manila was willing to do it.

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As they reach the end of the fanmeet, they sang Time for Sorrow which I think explains the feelings of PH Alice as they felt a mixture of happiness and sadness as they realize that time flew so fast on that night. It amazed me how this whole performance was like those comebacks we watch on TV as PH Alice sing along and shouted the fanchant at the right moment. It was followed by Nostalgic Night which best describe the whole night of PH Alices.

Another VCR was played for PH Alice and as it ends with “Encore! Encore!” shouted by Victon. Then, they performed their song Because of You where they approached PH Alice; some where lucky enough to get selfies. At the end of their performance, they asked the crowd to step back for their safety.

Victon happily announced they came back for encore. They also said that they will come back here in the Philippines. Lastly, they asked everyone not to get sick because they will come back.

PH Alice, did you have fun with Victon?

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