“The word happiness is too vague, so I hope you guys feel that it is worth living everyday” – Kim Hanbin (B.I), MMA 2018

iKONICS definitely found last week worth living as Hanbin updated his Instagram profile.

On November 15, fans were quick to notice that his posts were now down to 10.

He deleted most of his posts, including some of the most “memorable” moments shared when he was actively promoting with iKON.

What touched many was the 10 posts left on his account are photos consisting of the six members’ solo shots and iKON as seven.

Fans felt surge of emotions seeing the leader value his members and iKON despite the previous situation. You can see a screenshot of his Instagram profile below:

Our OT7 hearts are rejoicing! Did you also feel the love? Share you feels bes!

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