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Lee Hi and iKON’s B.I to Collaborate Again After 5 Years

Known to fans as the “YG Princess”, Lee Hi is set to come back on May 30, 2019. Three years since her last comeback, she will be releasing an EP album entitled, “24 degrees”.

“It refers to the temperature of love and various emotions I’m going through this year at age 24”.

Lee Hi regarding her upcoming album

Her fellow artists congratulates her for the upcoming comeback at her SNS. Also the most notable comment coming from Epik High‘s Tablo who produced her album “SEOULITE”.

Tablo’s comment at Lee Hi’s IG account

Lee Hi is noted to have a soulful voice which complement most hip-hop artists’ songs in the industry. Her most recent song is with Code Kunst’s “XI” released last January.

Further, she also revealed the title track which will feature iKON’s B.I. The song is entitled “No One” (누구 없소).

This is not the first time that they will be working together. One of the earliest collaborations of Lee Hi and B.I. is during Mix & Match, a survival show in 2014 to determine the debut members of iKON.

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B.I also shares a screenshot of their previous collaboration stage at his IG account.

Watch their performance below:

Let It Go (feat. Lee Hi) – Team B.I.

Are you excited for Lee Hi’s comeback?

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