[CONFIRMED] Super Junior’s Sungmin is releasing a solo album this November

Prepare your wallets ELF! Because Super Junior is not yet done with their surprises.

Label SJ confirmed on November 3 that Super Junior’s Lee Sungmin is finally releasing his first solo album!

Sungmin also released a song titled “Daydream” under SM Station back in 2018. This time, he will officially promoting as a soloist for the album that he was seen to be preparing for quite some time.

A source from Label SJ said that, “Sungmin is currently preparing his first solo album. The plan is to release it in mid-November and to release a physical album.”

Back in June, Label SJ stated that while Sungmin won’t join group promotional activities for the mean time, he will greet fans through his solo activities.

Since his arbitrary marriage in 2014 before enlisting in military service, Sungmin hasn’t joined any group comebacks with Super Junior.

He have been recently very active on his Youtube channel “LIUstudio” where he do vlogs, podcasts, tutorials and even live music sessions. Subscribe to his channel below:

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Let us support this pumpkin and wish for the success of his album!

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