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8 Songs to Hype Everyone Up for G-Dragon’s Return!

After 13 years in the industry, G-dragon or also known as Kwon Ji Yong still remains to be one of Kpop’s unparalleled gem. The epitome of King and the standard for every artist, G-dragon was able to reach the prime pedestal of being a Korean pop icon.

G-dragon rose to the top due his unrivaled song writing skills that gave birth to some of South Korea’s massive hits.

Are you excited for his return? We cannot stress our excitement enough. Hence, let’s jam together to Kwon Jiyong’s top 8 glorified songs while waiting for the few hours until his discharge!


Mcountdown’s “Song of the Decade” and one of the ten best digital hit songs in South Korea’s history by Sun News.  Released in 2007, “Lies” was the mega hit with laidback melody mixed with avant-garde rap that broke the generation’s code and norms.


Undeniably the BIGBANG and VIP’s anthem, Haru haru is one of the most influential singles to come out of Korean pop music. Billboard hailed the track an “experiential masterpiece.”. The mix of dance, rap, and ballad made each member shine.

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Hip-hop, swag, angst, fashion and superb musicality. Crooked has just became the rock-kpop song for the broken. It pulls you in the sad, dark corner of loneliness yet keeps you up with the angsty vibe and upbeat frenzy.


A powerful combination of hip hop and straight ballad that earned GD another perfect all-kill under his belt. He made yet another history with “That XXX” being the first 19+ song to achieve number 1 spot. The music video also features an aesthetically pleasing backdrop with Jennie from Blackpink.


From the album with the same name, this song made G-Dragon the first K-pop act with multiple entries in Billboard chart. Its impressive MV however, made its way as “Music Video of Year” during MAMA 2013. This trap hip-hop track is considered one of the most experimental songs of G-dragon.


Maybe the most boyfriend-ish song G-dragon ever created. The relaxed melody makes everyone swoon over him despite the message of the song: Longing and loss.

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The sweet melancholy of this song went right through at our hearts. I mean, the pain of missing someone and regretting break-up? *cries*


He is. Enough said. Welcome back, GD!

HONORARY MENTION: UNTITLED, 2014 – From his smash album before enlistment, “Kwon Jiyong”

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