Wanna One’s former member Kim Jae Hwan is indeed one of the talented artists in the K-Pop music industry. Aside from having a beautiful voice and amazing high notes, he also plays piano and guitar. Aside from his Wanna One stint and his first mini album entitled Another, he also covers different songs. Not just Korean songs but also English songs as well.

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Here are his song covers that you might want to listen to:

Weight In Gold – GALLANT

This is the first cover that he posted on his official YouTube channel.

When I Was Your Man – BRUNO MARS

Imagine him singing this song in front you.

Chandelier – SIA

This is totally one of the hardest songs but he nailed it.


Even Lena Park, the original singer of this song, is approved of his version.

Skyfall – ADELE

This cover made us remember his Produce 101 journey.

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The Truth Untold – BTS

WIN:D-ARMYs must be so happy to hear this.

Sorry Not Sorry – DEMI LOVATO

He even nailed a Demi Lovato song! How can we not fall for this guy?

Don’t Touch Me – AILEE

He totally owned the song! Even the ‘King of Masked Singer’ judges stood up and dance along with his performance.

Through The Night – IU

He performed this at the Seoul Park Music Festival last June 16, 2019.

I Believe – Shin Seung Hoon

For me, this is his most beautiful and emotional performance. As you are watching, you can feel his emotions throughout the song.

Mga bes, Kim Jae Hwan is coming back to Manila with Momoland and his former bandmate Ha Sung Woon for ‘Good Friends in Manila’ on October 5, 2019 at the Araneta Coliseum.

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