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South Korean Actor Jin Ju Hyung Launches His Own YouTube Channel

Joining the other South Korean celebrities who opened their own YouTube channels, actor Jin Ju Hyung opens official YouTube channel dubbed as Justin TV.

The actor reveals that he has three reasons why he decided to start his own YouTube channel.

“Here are the three reasons why i’m starting my own youtube channel. First, I want to challenge myself into doing new things. Second is I want to travel and see the world. Last but definitely not the least, I want to be more creative and be able to express myself not only as an actor but who I am as a person.” he told

We also asked him if there’s a Filipino celebrities that he want to feature on his YouTube channel.

“I wanna invite one of my co-actress Devon Seron to show me around and learn more about her culture. And maybe James Reid with Nadine Lustre. It’ll be fun if we can collaborate.” He said.

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He also reveals that he wants to collaborate with his Hwarang co-star Park Seo Joon who recently opened his YouTube channel as well.

Jin Ju Hyung starred in various Korean dramas such as Blade Man, Hwarang, Suspicious Partner and Sunny Again Tomorrow. He also starred in the 2017 Filipino-Korean film You With Me alongside fellow Korean actor Hyun Woo and Filipina Actress Devon Seron.

Check out his official YouTube channel HERE.

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