LOOK: Taeyeon leaves new comment on Jonghyun’s last Instagram post

On July 17, Girl’s Generation’s Kim Taeyeon left a new comment on SHINee’s late member, Kim Jonghyun’s last instagram post on his account where he posted a screenshot of the song I’m On Your Side by Dear Cloud posted on 2017, 20th day of November.

Taeyeon wrote, “I miss you a lot, our Jonghyun.”

The netizens quickly noticed the sadness through her words and now cheering her up.

Taeyeon and Jonghyun are known to be best friends. They once released a duet song together titled Breath back in 2014.

She was also featured in Jonghyun’s song Lonely, which topped music charts following his death.

Jonghyun passed away last December 18, 2017 at the age of 27. For us, he will always be one of the most talented artists in K-pop industry.

Photo Source: ibtimes.sg
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