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LOOK: A Special Gift for Our One and Only Goblin in Kdrama Land!

If you are a fan of the Korean hit series Goblin. Then you know our one and only goblin in Korean drama land who just celebrated his birthday last July 10.

Fans in South Korea and other countries has their own way in celebrating Gong Yoo’s day. As for Gong Yoo Philippines, they made sure to make this day so memorable.

Gong Yoo Philippines sends gift to Gong Yoo all the way from the Philippines! Yes bes! You read it right. In collaboration with the goblin’s agency SOOP Management. They made it possible.

Let’s take a look on the birthday present for our goblin:

Thank you Gong Yoo Philippines and to everyone who participated for your wonderful gift for Gong Yoo. For sure he felt the love from the us!

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