WATCH: (G)-IDLE Gives Off Rebellious Vibe With “Uh-Oh” Music Video

“Uh-oh!” Watch (G)-IDLE declares their love for their fans.

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Photo credits to and Cube Entertainment

On June 26 at 6:00 PM KST, (G)-IDLE released the music video of their new digital single “Uh-Oh” with strong ’90s energy. Wherein, the group showed their charismatic performances with cars and a large group of people behind them.

(G)-IDLE made a daring move in their new track by trying the boom bap hip hop genre that girl groups have not been challenging before.  

According to news, “Uh-Oh” is a self-composed song by the group’s leader; who also made hit songs “LATATA,” “Han,” and “Seniorita,” respectively.

Watch their music video below!

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