Dua Lipa surprises BLACKPINK and performs together in Newark

On June 23, the girl group Blackpink uploaded episode 10 of the BLACKPINK DIARIES which chronicles their world tour In Your Area on their YouTube account. In this episode, Blackpink and Dua Lipa shared the behind-the-scene story of their performance in Newark, New Jersey!

Dua Lipa, a singer-songwriter and a Grammy Award-winning artist, made an appearance at the Prudential Center while the girls are rehearsing. Blankpink were so enthusiastic and excited upon seeing the Diva.

During Dua Lipa’s interview, she said, “Basically, a friend of mine told me BLACKPINK was performing in Newark and that we should go, and I was like wait, maybe I should get up and do ‘Kiss and Make Up’ with them. So I sent them a message. That’s kind of how it happened.”

Blackpink was surprised after hearing Dua Lipa will be joining them. These great artists met on stage and joyfully greeted each other with hugs. After catching up, Dua Lipa said, “I’m so happy to do this with you guys,” and BLACKPINK replied in awe, “When we heard, we were like, ‘What? Dua Lipa? I can’t believe it!’”

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After their rehearsal, Dua Lipa said on the interview, “Soundcheck was so fun. It was so easy. I mean we just kind of ran the song a couple times together and knew exactly what we were doing and we were ready to go.”

She added at the end, “Queens, I love you. You guys are so amazing, so talented, and so beautiful. And I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you. Sending you lots of love!”

That night, the fans gone wild for Dua Lipa and Blankpink gave them an unforgettable performance of Kiss and Make Up. They went to see the Blackpink’s concert but guess what? It’s a bonus for having Dua Lipa on stage!

It’s so amazing knowing that these artists are friends and rooting for each others’ success!

Moreover, BLACKPINK will wrap up their world tour in Bangkok with an encore concert from July 12 to 14.

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Check out the latest episode of BLACKPINK DIARIES and their interaction with Dua Lipa here.

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