LOOK: Song Joong Ki’s Dual Role in Arthdal Chronicles is Giving Us Goosebumps

Are you following Arthdal Chronicles every episodes bes? Or are you a fan who waits for the complete series of a certain Korean Drama before watching it. If yes, read at your own risk bes.

This article may contain a little bit of spoilers.

Arthdal Chronicles is a comeback drama of Song Joong Ki after marrying Song Hye Kyo. Alongside Kim Ji Won, his previous co-artists in a 2016 hit drama series Descendants of the Sun.

The drama already released 6 complete episodes as of June 16. And fans were shocked with all the revelations and twist of the story. What can I say? This is what we love in Korean Drama. Their unexpected plot.

On episode 6, it was revealed that Eunsom sibling is his identical twin! (shookt bes!) I am wondering who will play the role as Eunsom sibling, not a single thing I thought that they were twins. His name is Saya. He grew up in Arthdal. Along with Tagon and Taelha.

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(This is how Saya looks like bes!)

With Song Joong Ki latest appearance as Saya. Fans were getting goosebumps and more excited as how the story flows.

What will happen to Eunsom? Is Eunsom, Tanya and Saya represents the three objects who will end the world of Arthdal?

Stay tuned on Arthdal Chronicles! Airs every saturday and sunday 9pm KST. 10:30pm in Netflix Ph.

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