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LOOK: Ylona Garcia supports her online friend, Jeon Somi’s debut song ‘Birthday’

Queens supporting queens!

Last February 2, 2019, both fans of Ylona Garcia and Jeon Somi were surprised upon Somi showed support on Ylona’s single No Turning Back feat. AngelMelly & Solo; the Korean-Canadian singer shared the song on her instagram stories.

Screenshot by @Kinn1th
Screenshot by @Kinn1th

Ylona shared on her interview on MYX, “Somi and I met online actually. I saw her comment on one of my posts and my fans were telling me about it. And I DMed her through Instagram and we’ve been chatting ever since”.

Jeon Somi even mentioned the Philippines and the local singer Ylona Garcia on one of her ig live stories.

Yesterday, June 14, Ylona also showed her support on Somi’s recently released solo debut song titled Birthday by sharing it to her ig story; and Somi replied by also posting it to her ig story with the caption, ‘Best friend Best supporter’.

The interaction of these two talented artists shows their stronger bond towards each other. They have a lovely friendship!

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