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Song Joong Ki Reveals Changes in His Life after Marrying Song Hye Kyo

And we’ve been waiting for this type of news, mga bes!

During a press conference for his upcoming drama with fellow Descendants of the Sun star, Kim Ji Won, “Arthdal Chronicles,” actor Song Joong Ki answers some question regarding his married life.

Joong Ki was asked what are some of the changes he felt after getting married, He answered, “There are no big changes that had happened after getting married. If anything, it is my mindset being at ease now.”

He also added, “My wife is a fan of the director and screenwriter of “Arthdal Chronicles. She encouraged me to take part in the project with constant focus.”

Aside from questions regarding his married life, Joong Ki also admitted that he once feel ‘pressured’ working in this drama. Thanks to co-star, Jang Dong Gun, his presence were enough to cheer everyone up in the set.

Arthdal Chronicles will premiere this June 1.

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Hihi akala naman namin baby news na Joong Ki! Anyway, we wish you success on your upcoming drama!~

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  1. 😀😂 i wish the next news i will hear about ssc is about song hye kyo’s pregnancy.. She is already 38 years old and hopely she will get pregnant before she reach 40years old.

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