Kdrama Things: The Legend Of The “Yellow Umbrella”

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An umbrella scene is something we always see in kdrama scenes. It’s a “kdrama classic” we can’t help but notice.

There will be rain, a romantic background music, and of course it should be captured in slow motion, followed by a 10-second-heart-stopping-staring-of-the-couple. Isn’t it a cliche, but nonetheless, we still love it.

Obviously, a yellow umbrella is a staple “kdrama thing” we often see in a korean series. Thus being said, here are 14 kdramas that prove the power of the “yellow umbrella” works in the kdrama world.

1. Love Rain (2012)

2. Missing You (2013)

3. Because It’s The First Time (2015)

4. She Was Pretty (2015)

5. Splash Splash Love (2015)

6. Madame Antoine (2016)

7. Tomorrow With You (2017)

8. Liar And His Lover (2017)

9. Go Back Couple (2017)

10. Hwayugi (2017)

11. Are You Human (2018)

12. Radio Romance (2018)

13. The Best Hit (2017)

Afterward, we thought it’s over but TADA! The legend continues..

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14. The Secret Life Of My Secretary (2019)

Wow, the power of the yellow umbrella is no joke.. but of course, only applicable in kdrama land! But of course, who knows it might transition in real life.

Tara bili tayo ng dilaw na payong bes!

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  1. Cute post. Btw, I believe that there was also a yellow umbrella in The Promise, a Kdrama starring Lee Yoo-ri.

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