On May 7, Super Junior’s “Evil Maknae” Kyuhyun is officially discharged from his mandatory military service as a public officer.

“commoner kyu~~ getting off work~~ please anticipate for the many concerts and music that we will be able to do together in the future!! My singing has improved!! Please anticipate a lot for the complete Suju too!! The photo apps these days are really good hehehehehe i’ve gotta have a good sleep tonight i have to sleep for 10 hours i have to sleep until 12pm!!!! After waking up I’ve gotta idle around for two hours!!” (trans. by @teukables)

This day also marks the end of all the scheduled mandatory military service for all the members of Super Junior. However, Kyuhyun decided to finish his last day in public service quietly and with no programs or whatsoever. He announced it in 3 days in advance on his Instagram account.

As fans show their excitement, some members of Super Junior also posted on their SNS to show their happiness and support for their youngest member.

Leader Leeteuk was the first one to post his excitement.
Another hyung ready to meet his dongsaeng
Here we have a special appearance from TVXQ’s Changmin
Expressing his excitement subtly
Another excited hyung

Kyuhyun is set to have his first idol activity on his solo fanmeeting on May 19.

Now, with their maknae back, Super Junior is set to have their first ‘full member’ comeback this year.

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