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Her Private Life: A Kdrama For Every Fangirl

Are you a Kdrama/Kpop Fan?

If yes, you sure know how fans struggle to fangirl for their bias. 

Recently, tvN released a kdrama ‘Her Private Life’ based on Kim Seung Yeon web novel entitled ‘Noona Fan Dot Com’ which show how hard it is to do fangirling!

The story  tells how a gallery curator Sung Duk Mi  who is also a secret fan of Si An member of an idol group White Ocean and Ryan Gold, a man who is an arrogant new director of Sung Duk Mi.

story of a talented art gallery curator Sung Duk mi who is also a fan of an idol group at home and Ryan Gold, a man who is an arrogant new director and is posing as an approachable fan online.

To complete the story Kim Jae Wook will played as Ryan Gold. The new handsome but arrogant director of the gallery. Can he capture the heart of a fangirl?

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo Hyun will portrayed the role of  Nam Eun Gi. Sung Duk Mi’s childhood friend who works as a guide at a gymnasium induction and … a new second lead?

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A fangirl wouldn’t be complete without her fangirl buddy!

Lee Seon Joo will be played by Park Jin Joo, Duk Mi’s life bestfriend in every way! Fangirling together!


…nd to complete the fangirling One will play as Cha Shi An , Sung Duk Mi’s bias in White Ocean.

Follow Sung Duk Mi’s fangirl adventures on TvN’s Her Private Life

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