ICYMI: Park Min Young and Lee Yi Kyung in talks to star in upcoming webtoon-based drama!

We may be seeing Park Min Young alongside Lee Yi Kyung in one drama together!

It was announced on February 8 that Park Min Young received a casting offer to star in the upcoming webtoon-based drama, Marry My Husband.

Marry My Husband tells a story of a woman named Kang Ji Won who is on her deathbed, her husband, Park Min Hwan cheated on her and had an affair with her best friend, Jung Soo Min. She witnesses her husband’s infidelity and dies a tragic death at the hands of her husband.

Kang Ji Won has given the chance to rewrite her fate and goes back to 10 years of her younger self. She plans to take revenge on Jung Soo Min and Park Min Hwan and marry them off.

It was revealed on February 2 that Lee Yi Kyung is in talks to star as Park Min Hwan, Park Min Young’s husband in the drama.

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Park Min Young recently appeared in Love in Contract while Lee Yi Kyung recently appeared in Curtain Call.

Are you all excited to see this new pairing?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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