On April 7 at exactly 12 mn (KST), BTS dropped their Official Teaser for “Boy With Luv” ft. Halsey. The teaser took every ARMY (BTS Fandom) by surprise upon seeing Halsey at the start of the video.

Every one is getting excited to hear the music made with this collaboration.

Their title track which reminded ARMYs of their 2014 title track Boy In Luv” for their album Skool Luv Affair. As we all know they have released their album’s intro “Persona” which was sang by RM (Kim Namjoon), which have the same tune as his part on Intro: Skool Luv Affair. It seems that BTS is showing that they have moved forward but they never forget where they started. They might have grown and changed but they are still the same people as they were before. The only difference is, they are now a better version of who they were before. 😊

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BTS will have their comeback on April 12 at 6 pm KST. Their comeback stage will be held at Saturday Night Live on April 13, 2019.

You can watch the teaser here:

GIF ©@sweaterpawschim

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