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ICYMI: Blackpink is back with a NEW SONG!

After the success of their sold out concerts around the globe, BLACKPINK continues to dominate K-pop with a brand new single entitled, Kill This Love.

With Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosè all chanelling a different version of themselves in the music video, the signature spunk and angst that only BLACKPINK can give are very much evident in the new song. Equipped with lyrics that gives fire to the heart and the hurt of being in love and pieced together with bass-heavy sounds, it instantly became a huge hit and created a new worldwide record . The MV currently has 51M views in Youtube and it’s only been just a day after it was released.

“Got me all messed up
His love is my favorite
But you plus me
Sadly can be dangerous..”

(Image Credits to YG Life)

BLACKPINK is in the house and their fans (including me!) are all hyped up for their new EP!

(Credits to the Official BLACKPINK Youtube Channel for the MV)

Amidst all that has been said with YG Entertainment and its artists recently, this is the kind of positivity that we all need right now. I DDU-DDU-DDU stan this group!

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New song, new music video, ONE LOVE FOR K-POP!

Now get ready to dance!

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