Photographer Bernard Faucon accuses BTS of plagiarism; BigHit responds

Did BTS really had ‘inspirations’ for their concept photos and music videos? Bernard Faucon, a known French photographer, accuses BTS of plagiarism, BigHit Entertainment responds.

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Known French photographer Bernard Faucon accuses BigHit Entertainment’s BTS for plagiarism of his works in some of their concept photos and music videos.

He claimed that the group’s “Most Beautiful Moment in My Life” photo album as well as their “Blood, Sweat and Tears” music video copied concepts from Faucon’s 1978 series “Summer Camp,” including the artwork “The Banquet.”

In his [Faucon] recent e-mail to the media outlet Hankyoreh, he stated that, “I like BTS, and I’m happy that they were inspired by my work. I won’t take any legal action, but I want them to publicly say where they got their idea from.”

Bernard Faucon issued two notices to BigHit Entertainment demanding for an apology and compensations, but BigHit declined the claims and denied the similarities between the accused concepts.

Check out a juxtaposition of photos below!

IMAGE: Screenshot from 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' music video, Big Hit Entertainment
IMAGE: Les Grandes Vacances (1980), Bernard Faucon
IMAGE: Young Forever concept photo, BigHit Entertainment
IMAGE: Les Grandes Vacances (1980), Bernard Faucon
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