Is South Korean actress-singer IU coming to Manila?

On February 3, South Korean actress and singer IU‘s Philippine fanbase, IU Philippines posted something on their official SNS accounts which made filipino UAENAs (IU’s fandom) very excited.

If ever the event will push through, this will be IU’s first time to perform in the Philippines.

IU (Real name: Lee Ji-eun) is known for her chart-topping songs such as Good Day, Twenty-three, Only I Didn’t Know, The Shower, Palette, Through The Night, Dear Name, Ending Scene, BbiBbi and many more.

Aside from being a singer, IU is also talented when it comes to acting. She starred in several korean dramas such as Dream High, The Producers, Pretty Man (Bel Ami), Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and My Mister.

If you want to see IU perform here in Manila for the first time, you may click HERE.

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