Lee Hanna on Seungri: ‘My brother didn’t do anything wrong.’

At present, Seungri is facing one of the worst crisis in his career, and that is his involvement to the Burning Sun club in South Korea wherein an alleged Mr. Kim is spreading misinformation of an incident that happened last November 2018 causing the netizens to throw harsh comments and some fans are ‘canceling’ their concert tickets and ‘throwing’ their Bigbang merchandises.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk already released a statement about the said issue saying that Seungri was not involved on the circulating issue. Seungri also got himself drug tested to prove his innocence and cleared that his resignation was part of his preparation for his upcoming military service.

The late night of February 1, 2019, Seungri’s younger sister, Lee Hanna (@goodgalhanna) commented a facebook link to her brother’s recent Instagram post and also cleared all of her photos except a link related to her brother was uploaded:


Hanna’s comment to Seungri’s IG

Fans are quick to be updated and now on work to spread the video:

Another friend of Seungri, DJ Glory also posted a link that will head towards the same video and also claimed that it is not Seungri’s fault on what has happened back then:

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You can check out the same video with English translations from Youtube:

VIPs were trending hashtags #LeaveSeungriAlone, #SeungriYouHaveUs, #VIPTrustSeungri, and many more to support Seungri. Fans were also strict on checking news and translated works to avoid being misinformed and fake news. Seungri is said to release his personal and official statement anytime soon.

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