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Look: TVN Released The First Still Cut of ‘Romance Is A Supplement’ Starring Lee Jong Suk And Lee Na Young

Following the release of the official poster last December, TVN revealed the first still cut of ‘Romance Is A Supplement’.

‘Romance Is A Supplement’ is a romantic comedy about the people working in the publishing field.

Kang Dan (Lee Na Young), a former rising star and a current unemployed divorcee who later joins a publishing company as a temporary worker and Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk), a star writer of ‘The Idol of Literature’, are the main characters. The book makers’ struggles, warm sympathy and romance will captivate viewers with heartwarming excitement.

The romantic atmosphere of Lee Jong Suk, who has completely changed to Cha Eun Ho, is attracting attention. Seen smiling skillfully with in front of the cameras as the youngest editor in the publishing industry. Lee Jong Suk, who gives off his charisma, adds up to the excitement by showing another charm of Cha Eun Ho, who is strict and cool about his work.

Lee plays Cha Eun Ho, the youngest editor and a genius writer and publisher of ‘Geonryu’. Cha Eun Ho is an attractive character with a cool but warm heart in his work, and even has a good-looking appearance.

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Through Cha Eun Ho’s various charm, which is harmless but sweet and yet warm, you will experience Lee Jong Suk’s delicate acting skills,” the production team said. “You can look forward to Lee Jong Suk’s new face.”

Meanwhile, ‘Romance Is A Supplement’ will be broadcasted at 9:00 pm on January 26th replacing ‘Memories Of Alhambra’.

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