YG Entertainment’s Idol Group, Winner Makes a Comeback in Two Days

Winner’s new single, ‘Millions’, will be released in the form of a photo book and will be available today, December 17 at 12:00. It is a new song after 8 months since the released of their second album ‘EVERYD4Y’.

‘Millions’ will be having a two different versions, ‘Blue Light’ and ‘White Light’, and it is compose of photo book, CD, postcard and random photo card. Two-sided posters will be included for the initial production quantity. If you make a purchase through ‘YG Select’ during the reservation period, you will receive a special poster.

‘Millions’ is like a christmas gift that whispers love to a lover. Feelings, melody and warm lyrics, rhythmic whistling sound of the chorus are very harmonized which is perfect for the winter season.

Particularly, this new song showed the musical ability of the members by participating in composition. Kang Wook-jin and Diggy also participated in the composition.

Winner’s own listening point for ‘Millions’ is ‘Everyone has millions of reasons to be loved and qualified’. Member Kang Seung-yoon said,

“It is a feeling of happiness that warms the cold end of the year. I hope that many people will feel the excitement and hope.”

Winner’s new single ‘Millions’ will be released at 6 pm on the 19th, and the album will be available on YG Select and through the offline music stores nationwide from the 24th.

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Winner was able to dominate the music charts for the longest time, earning first place in the music charts of ‘Everyday’ this year, followed by Song Mino’s ‘Fiancé’.

In addition, Winner plans to perform actively with the Seoul Encore Concert on January 5 next year and the North American tour which will be held for the first time after their debut.

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