15 Korean Actresses Who Slayed Their Short Hairstyles

Do you need a new hairstyle inspo because you just went through a breakup? Or you are just bored with your hair? Here is the list of our favorite korean actresses who slayed their short hairstyles.

1. Bae Suzy

So pretty!

2. Gu Hye Sun

Ahn Jae Hyun’s yeobo IRL.

3. Han Ga In

Who wouldn’t be witched by her?

4. Ha Ji Won

One of our favorites! She’s currently slaying her short hair in Hospital Ship.

5. Han Hyo Joo

Good news! She just recently joined Instagram. Check her official account here.

6. Hwang Jung Eum

An example of “kakagising-ko-lang-no-hair-comb-look”.

7. IU

IUn naman pala. You can also accessorise it with hair pins.

8. Kim Go Eun

A “naambunan-ako” wet look.

9. Kim Ji Won

Even if you have a frizzy hair, achieved pa rin ‘to. Just make sure to use hair conditioner.

10. Lee Sung Kyung

Short hair + bangs your way to Oppa!

11. Park Bo Young

Achieve this look with the use of hair dryer.

12. Park Shin Hye

Add a curly twist to your short hair.

13. Park So Dam

You can still be a Cinderella with a short hairstyle.

14. Shin Min Ah

Or be able to (time) travel without worrying about your long hair.

15. Yoo Eun Hye

So whatever hairstyle you wish to have, always make sure to take care of your hair ladies!


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4 replies

  1. Bat wala si Song Hye Kyo huhu


  2. how about Song Hye Kyo ? 😐



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