WATCH: EXO sings their hit tracks including recent release, “Cream Soda”

Take a trip down memory lane as EXO sings their hit tracks to their most recent comeback track.

South Korean boy group, EXO recently released their comeback track “Cream Soda” as part of their seventh full-length album, “EXIST.”

EXO gathered to sing their hit tracks on dingo music’s YouTube channel. The tracks included are “Growl,” “LOVE ME RIGHT,” “CALL ME BABY,” “Sing For You,” “Miracles in December,” “Love Shot,” “The Eve,” “MAMA,” “Overdose,” “Monster,” “The First Snow,” “Don’t Go,” “Power,” and “Cream Soda.”

Members Suho, Xiumin, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun were able to participate in singing the tracks. Kai is currently doing his military service while Lay is doing solo activities.

EXO debuted 11 years ago so it’s no doubt that seeing them sing their earlier released songs just hits home and feels very nostalgic. EXO-Ls can definitely see how far EXO has come as one of the most respected seniors in the K-Pop industry.

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EXO-Ls, how are you feeling right now?

Have you streamed “Cream Soda?” If not, make sure to do so and support EXO in their recent comeback!

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