Kang Tae Oh officially announces his military enlistment this September!

(Screencap from his virtual fan meeting via TikTok)

Kang Tae Oh successfully held his first global virtual fan meeting via TikTok on August 31.

In the said fan meeting, fans got to know more about him, he gamely interacted with his fans by doing some TikTok challenges, played games, and talked about his latest hit drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, and his previous dramas as well.

In the last part of the fan meeting, he officially announced that on September 20, he will going to do his duties for his country.

(Screencap from his virtual fan meeting via TikTok)

He wholeheartedly sang Thank You by Kim Dong Ryul which has touching lyrics for his fans who will wait for him.

Aw! Please stay healthy and safe always our dearest Tae Oh, serve your country well and we will patiently wait for you. We love you!

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