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Park Min Young sends coffee truck support to Park Jin Joo’s “Our Beloved Summer” filming set!

(Image Source: jinjoo1224)

Following Park Min Young’s sweet gesture of support to Kim Sejeong, here she comes again sending his love and support to her former Her Private Life co-star, Park Jin Joo!

On November 21, Park Jin Joo shared a photo of her through her official Instagram account looking so happy with the coffee truck support sent by actress Park Min Young in her filming set of Our Beloved Summer.

She wrote as a caption: “Let’s act well. Let’s do well for Park Min Young” (tagging Park Min Young’s official Instagram account)

She also featured it on her IG story with a caption that reads: “This is what Minyoung unnie gave you. You should drink too.” Referring to the photo of herself.

Park Min Young designed the vertical banner with a message that reads as:

“Our Beloved Summer

To all actors and staff, I am rooting for you all.

Please take a pretty picture of Jinjoo.”

Min Young as well includes the phrase The Jinjoo’s Gambit (inspired from the mini-series The Queen’s Gambit) along with the photo of it.

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Park Min Young and Park Jin Joo’s friendship is so admirable!

Meanwhile, Our Beloved Summer is scheduled to premiere on December 6, 10 PM, KST. Park Jin Joo will portray the role of Lee Sol Yi, so let’s look forward to it!

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