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INFINITE’s Jang Dongwoo signs exclusive contract with Big Boss Entertainment

INFINITE’s Jang Dongwoo found its new agency, Big Boss Entertainment, which he can still be part of INFINITE!

Big Boss Entertainment announced on October 1 through their official Instagram account that Dongwoo signed an exclusive contract with them and welcomed him as the new part of the family.

“We will be together with Jang Dongwoo, who has been loved for 10 years as part of INFINITE, on his journey from now on. We will continue to provide strong support, so he can fully show his explosive energy and various talents. Please, continue to show your unchanging love and support,” the agency stated.

They also added in the caption, “Welcome to Big Boss’ new family. Please show us a lot of interest and love for our future activities.”

Jang Dongwoo is INFINITE’s main rapper and also acted in some musicals, he also debuted as a solo artist in 2019 with his first solo album titled Bye.

Meanwhile, Big Boss Entertainment is home to actors such as Lee Il Hwa, Baek Hyun Hye, and Lee Jong Hyuk.

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