Netflix Korea to unveil a new original variety show starring Lee Seunggi, EXO’s Kai and more!

Netflix Korea is planning to unveil their new variety program, From The New World (working title) starring some of our favorite Korean stars!

According to a news report from Naver, the variety program will feature SECHKIES’ Eun Jiwon, Lee Seunggi, Park Narae, EXO’s Kai, and Jo Boah. The cast has done filming in Oedo Island, in South Gyeongsang Province.

From To The New World is a variety program that will be set on the island, Oedo. There, the members will showcase the island’s beautiful scenery while they figure out what they will do on the island.

Viewers can expect a lot of laughs and unexpected teamwork from the members! The show’s casts preview a good combination of various personalities especially, between Lee Seunggi and Eun Jiwon who worked in 2 Days 1 Night and New Journey to the West. Comedienne Park Narae will bring out some laughter. EXO’s Kai and Jo Boah can definitely give the whole team good vibes.

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From To The New World is set to air in the later part of this year. 

Netflix Korea has produced several programs such as Busted! and YG Future Strategy Office.

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