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Ed Sheeran makes a surprise appearance to MSG Wannabe on Hangout With Yoo!

Should we anticipate an Ed Sheeran and MSG Wannabe collaboration soon?!

In the recent episode of Hangout with Yoo, Yoo Jaesuk mentioned that world-renowned singer, Ed Sheeran has listened to MSG Wannabe’s songs.

As the members are preparing for their Show! Music Core debut, Jaesuk revealed to the members that the English singer-songwriter has listened to their songs!

MSG Wannabe preparing for music core

All members were in shock upon hearing the news as they all couldn’t believe that it was real!

Then, the members went straight to MBC for their stage debut on Show! Music Core.

MSG Wannabe on Show! Music Core

Days later, MSG Wannabe is on their last activity as a group, the Top 10 Ear Concert. The concert will be MSG Wannabe’s last project where several sunbaes also joins them. In this episode, girl group Laboum and trio Voice of Soul made a heartwarming performance.

Following the performance, Ed Sheeran makes a surprise appearance where he greets Yu Yaho and MSG Wannabe!

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Ed congratulated the group on their successful debut and their wonderful songs. The English singer also made a few comments to MSG Wannabe’s songs! He called M.OM’s Foolish Love a classic while, JSDK’s Only You is something he would write.

Ed Sheeran listens to MSG Wannabe Songs

Afterward, Ed is very enthusiastic listening to MSG Wannabe’s songs where he is also looking forward to writing some songs for the group. He even asked if he can just send the song directly!

Lastlty, Ed Sheeran mentioned that he is looking forward to meet the group when he visits Korea in the future.

MSG Wannabe is an eight member vocal group formed by Yu Yaho in Hangout with Yoo where they topped the music charts upon their debut.

If you want to learn more about MSG Wannabe, watch them on Viu here!

Featured Image: Viu

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