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B.I unveils jaw dropping Live-Performance Films for “Waterfall”

In preparation for the release of his upcoming solo album, B.I has revealed two new jaw dropping video teasers for “Waterfall.”

The live video film was posted midnight of May 21 while the new performance teaser is revealed today May 22 at 12 midnight KST.

Check out the Live Film below:

B.I revealed a lively film filled with heartwarming lyrics that obviously tells about the talented idol.

Every lines of “Waterfall” gave a meaningful impressions that made fans swoon over B.I’s charismatic charm of writing the lyrics. Indeed a genius!

Moreover, a Performance Live video is recently unveiled and it proved that B.I ain’t just a genius singer-songwriter, rapper and executive producer but he is also a dance king that heats up the night along with his dance crew.

Check out the video that heat up the night of IDs:

“Waterfall” release date will be on June 1 at 6 PM KST.

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