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ICYMI: Kim Go Eun PH sent coffee truck support to Kim Go Eun on set of “Untact”

Written by Mawi Banalo

All photos from Kim Go Eun Philippines (with permission)

Kim Go Eun Philippines successfully sent their coffee truck to actress Kim Go Eun on set of Untact last September 6.

It was the fan club’s project to show their love and support to the talented actress during the last filming of the said movie.

In the collage from above, Kim Go Eun is can be seen holding the coffee cup, where she smiles brightly.

Other than the coffee support, a care package was also prepared by KGE PH along with a fruit basket for Go Eun’s manager as a gift.

On the first photo, the message can be read as, “To our Go Eun, always be happy and healthy. We came from hundreds of meters away to support our Go Eun.”

While on the second photo, it says, “Thank you for being our bright light in this time.”

Meanwhile, KGE Philippines want to extend their gratitude to the other Go Eun Filipino fans for the initiative to do this support project and their trust towards them.

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Kim Go Eun is popular for taking role in Cheese in the Trap, Goblin, The King: Eternal Monarch, and Tune in for Love.

Her versatility, sweet voice, and smile melt the hearts of many; no wonder why a lot of people are so fascinated with her!

Moreover, let us show our support to Kim Go Eun with her upcoming film, Untact, mga bes!

It is a short film that focuses in the lives of people experiencing a pandemic; where a man and a woman cannot see each other due to the said situation.

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