WATCH: Day6’s Jae and Ogie Alcasid’s interaction on Instagram live!

©Day6’s Jae|Ogie Alcasid

Mr. Ogie Alcasid and Day6’s Jae blessing us this Sunday morning!

Earlier today, Jae of Day6 went live on his Instagram account. He started calling some of his friends and even sang their song Zombie. He was enjoying his moment with MyDays.

PH MyDays were up for a beautiful surprise when suddenly Jae was joined by no other than our very own, Mr. Ogie Alcasid. Jae even called Mr. Ogie AlcasidThe Legend“. It was a fun and exciting while seeing and hearing both artists talk. A peace of heaven during this trying times.

After their live together, Jae continued and told his fans thatMr. Ogie Alcasid hit me up and requested for a Christian song.”

As we can all remember, Jae retweeted Mr. Ogie Alcasid and Moira Dela Torre‘s upcoming song. Jae has been a constant source of new music for me. His song recommendations are always brilliant and worth listening to.

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Let’s keep on supporting both artists. Mr. Ogie Alcasid with his new song and Jae with his recent release called “Pacman“.

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