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When we think of a Korean Music, people often think that it is always a composition of 3 and up members to form a group. But, Korean Music is more than that.

Here are some of the Korean male soloists that you can give a shot:

1. Dean

Photo source: DEAN’s facebook page

Kwon Hyuk or Dean started his music journey in 2013. He is known as singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper, and a music video editor.

Some of his compositions are BLACK PEARL BY EXO, ETERNITY BY VIXX, and AND JULY BY HEIZE. His genres are Alternative, R&B, Contemporary R&B, Hip hop, and Contemporary Soul. Dean visited Manila last 2018 for a concert. 

Stream Dean’s music here:

2. Paul Kim

Photo source: Paul Kim’s facebook page

Kim Taehyung or Paul Kim debuted in 2014 as a singer-songwriter. His turning point was in 2018 through his song Me After You (너를 만나).

Paul became one of the most promising singer-songwriters in Korea, earning the nickname “boyfriend in the eardrum” because of his soothing vocals and lyrics that will surely make our hearts melt.

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He also lent his singing skills to sing for our favorite Korean drama OSTs such as So Long (안녕) for Hotel Del Luna and Dream for The King: Eternal Monarch

Stream Paul Kim’s music here:

3. James Lee

Photo source: James Lee’s official website

James is an American-Korean, debuted as a bassist in the Korean pop band, Royal Pirates in 2011.

In 2015, a tragic accident happened on his left arm and caused him unable to play bass any longer. He moved back to Los Angeles and started a new life.

James had a successful Kickstarter campaign and restarted his hope as a musician. He is also known for doing a great collaboration with notable K-pop singers such as Amber Liu, ex-member of F(x), Sooyoung of SNSD, and Kevin Woo of U-kiss. James also visited the Philippines in 2019 for “The Light” live in Manila. 

Stream James’ music here:

Go and explore the music of these guys! Please get back to us after you listen to them by commenting down below.

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Happy listening! 

Source/s: Dean, Paul Kim, James Lee

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