WATCH: SB19 releases demo video of their new song “Ikako”

SB19 continues to inspire everyone with their music as they release the demo version of their new song Ikako (ikaw at ako).

Ikako is SB19‘s new song of hope. It is composed and arranged by the group’s leader, Sejun.

They dedicate the song to all front liners, our modern-day heroes who have been working to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“SB19 dedicates this song to our new heroes, the front liners who still serve our Kababayans during this tough time. Mabuhay po kayo :)”

– @SB19Official on Twitter

The demo video shows clips of front liners to pay tribute for their sacrifices to save lives.

The song is also dedicated to everyone to spread hope and positivity amidst the crisis.

Watch the demo video here:

The group will release the official track soon featuring all the members.

We, the Annyeong Oppa team also salute our front liners! Mabuhay po kayo at maraming salamat!

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