X1’s Cho Seungyoun also known as Woodz is the new model of Cledbel.

With Seungyoun’s stylish visuals and solid skills, and through brand modeling activities, he will actively promote the colorful products of Cledbel, including the “Cledbel Miracle Power Lift V Cushion.”

Cledbel’s models include Ko Soyoung and Kim Hee Ae, making him the first 20s and male model for the brand.

Meanwhile, Seungyoun was also featured in three magazines for the month of March, such as 1stLook, Allure, and Dazed.

The idol first debuted with UNIQ on 2014.

He also promoted as a solo artist with Luizy and Woodz as his stage names.

Last 2019, he joined Produce X 101 and ranked 5th during its finale.

Then, he debuted with X1 by August.

Aside from being an idol, he’s also a producer; writing and producing his own songs as well as he does collaboration with other artists.

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