WATCH: N.Flying shows some ‘Love and Respect’ for CNBlue on their latest mash-up video

N.Fias and Boices around the world must be very happy when N.Flying released their latest ‘Love and Respect Arrange’ video on their Japanese YouTube channel.

(L-R) Lee Seunghyub (Leader/Rapper/Lead Vocalist), Cha Hun (Lead Guitarist), Kim Jaehyun (Drummer), Yoo Hweseung (Main Vocalist/Maknae)

Lee Seunghyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jaehyun and Yoo Hweseung made a mash-up of 3 CNBlue’s songs entitled Between Us, You’re So Fine and Love Girl

N.Flying and CNBlue are two bands formed under FNC Entertainment alongside FT Island and other K-Pop artists such as SF9, AOA and Cherry Bullet.

You can watch the mash-up cover video here:

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