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[BREAKING] Woojin, Leaving Stray Kids

Today, October 28, 2019, an announcement made by JYP Entertainment shook every STAYs alive when they announced Woojin’s immediate departure of Stray Kids and Termination of contract with JYP Entertainment for personal reasons.

See JYP Entertainment’s Letter :

Kim Woojin also known as Woojin was a main vocalist for Stray Kids, who belted out those high notes that we love. JYP Entertainment wishes all STAYs to give encouragement to Woojin and to continue supporting the remaining eight members of Stray Kids as they continue pursuing their dreams.

STAYs all over the world had showed their encouragement and thankfulness to Woojin by using these hastags on Twitter : #ThankYouWoojin and #WeLoveYouWoojin

JYP Entertainment also made an announcement about the delay of Stray Kids new mini album that was supposed to be released on November 25, 2019. The release of the mini album Clé : LEVANTER was moved to December 9, 2019.

Let’s continue to support Stray Kids. STAYs, this is when Stray Kids and Woojin needs you the most.

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