ICYMI: Song Hye Kyo Gives Donation in Celebration of Hangeul Day in Korea

Actress Song Hye Kyo continue to give donations in celebration of Hangeul Day in Korea!

Hangeul Day (or Korean Alphabet Day) is celebrated every 9th day of October. Hangeul is the language used in Korea and is invented by King Sejong the Great on October 09, 1446.

On October 09, Professor Seo Kyung Dok shared on instagram a series of book photos in which he and Song Hye Kyo donated. 10, 000 copies of Korean guided book has been sent to Utoro village in Japan.

Check out Professor Seo Kyung Dok’s instagram post below:

In addition, this is not the first time that Song Hye Kyo donates. The Professor Seo Kyung Dok and Song Hye Kyo team up has been established 8 years ago. And is promised to give more books to Korean historical sites around the world.

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