LOOK: SNSD’s Tiffany Young followed a Filipina in Instagram

Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany Young just followed Ella Cruz on Instagram and Ella is freaking out!

On August 2 at 2:00PM, Ella Cruz added to her IG Story a video of her crying about a certain person following her!

In the video, she can be seen with her puffy eyes and messy hair but despite all of these, she still managed to appear beautiful. She was crying while saying that she just literally woke up and she found a tweet from a fan saying: “Lah finafollow na ni tippani si ella cruz?!?!?!?!” (OMG, Is Tiffany following Ella Cruz?!) and she checked her Instagram account and saw that Tiffany did really follow her!

She was clearly happy with the sudden following from Tiffany that she can’t stop crying while laughing! She kept on saying how her SONE heart is so happy and was so thankful to Tiffany.

Why do you think Tiffany followed her? A collaboration, maybe? That would be a dream stage since both are very talented in performing! We just hope that there will be more interaction between the two.

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