LOOK: Sandara Park surprises her Filipino EXO-L friend with EXO OT6 signature!

What a friendship goals!

On June 22, Sandara Park posted a video of her friend on her Instagram account. Wherein, it features Ana Melissa Yambao’s reaction after Sandara gave her the EXO OT6 signature as birthday present.

Screenshotted on @daraxxi’s video

In the video, the cheerful Dara surprised her filipino EXO-L friend by handing out the signatures of EXO OT6 members; Ana immediately dropped her phone and cover her face after knowing what Dara’s present is and continuously screams.

Screenshotted on @daraxxi’s video

Ana can’t contain her fangirling feels as an avid fan of EXO, in which she have an EXO tattoo on her left wrist; and you can see how happy she is because she keeps on shouting and jumping to release her kilig feels. She can’t believed what Dara gave her and her reaction probably represents every K-pop fan’s!

Photo Source: @anatabatina

The friendship of Sandara and Ana is so beautiful! Their eyes speaks happiness and their smiles are so priceless; Dara is really known for being an attentive and loving friend!

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Moreover, hoping that no one will abuse her kind soul, she is a blessing to everyone!

Friends are your homies, what makes your loved ones happy, can make you happy too!

Chriselle Olaguera

Click here to be directed on Sandara Park’s instagram video.

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