ICYMI: Seo Kang Jun revealed his favorite actors and more. #SeoKangJunInMNL

Still having PDF or Post Fanmeet Depression from last week’s event? We totally got you bes!

After his performances and fun activities with his fans, he sat down to answer some questions about his likes and interests.

Here are some questions asked by the host that will help us get to know Seo Kang Jun even more:

1. Who’s the Actor/s that you are looking up to?

SKJ: I’m currently shooting a drama with Han Suk Kyu and he’s my idol ever since.

2. How about International Actor/s? How did this actor inspire you to become an actor too?

SKJ: Jake Gyllenhaal. Because i enjoyed all the characters that he played.

3. ‘Are You Human?’ will be aired soon in the Philippines. How did you prepared for this role?

SKJ: I watched and studied the movie called ‘AI’ to be able to prepare myself for the role.

4. You’re most recent project is ‘The Third Charm’. Can you tell us about it?

SKJ: This is a very relatable and realistic drama that a lot of people can relate to. Even though it’s based in Korea, the language is basic korean and the culture is based in Korea, you can also relate to it because it tackles about love, etc.

5. What makes ‘The Third Charm’ different from other drama series?

SKJ: Usually, in other drama series, the main characters has very ideal characteristics like good-looking or described as perfect. But the character in our drama, the characters are very ordinary and very relatable.

6. Which of your characters that you played in the dramas are you able to relate to?

SKJ: Joon Young of ‘The Third Charm’.

7. Would you consider doing a project here in Philippines and work with Filipino actors/actresses?

SKJ: If given a chance, i’m very willing to.

8. If you’re not an actor right now, what do you think you’ll be doing?

SKJ: Probably, i’m working at a Samgyupsal restaurant. Because i love Samgyupsal. *Laughs*

On behalf of Annyeong Oppa team, we would like to thank CDM Entertainment for making this event possible. Ofcourse to Seo Kang Jun who is very warm and joyful during the fan meeting. We will surely miss you, Oppa!

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[Photos by: Pat Ruiz]

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