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ICYMI: Lee Min Ho and Ji Chang Wook’s Updates After Their Military Enlistment

Mandatory Military Enlistment is one the scariest and saddest part of being a fan. Seeing/bidding goodbye to your bias and enduring the two years without any project.

The year 2019 is one of the most awaited year because of the comeback and released from the military of Lee Min Ho and Ji Chang Wook.

Lee Min Ho enlisted last May 2017 and Ji Chang Wook on August 2017.

The month of April brings so much joy fans with the two actors Military Released on April 25 2019 for Lee Min Ho and April 27 2019 for Ji Chang Wook.

…the two even posted on their Instagram accounts.


Congratulations and Welcome Back Ji Chang Wook and Lee Min Ho!

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  1. Welcome back JI CHANG WOOK, looking forward to see you soon on the big or small screen. More power to you dear Wookie!

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