[BREAKING] Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirms that Kangin and the other “Hitmaker” casts are NOT involve in the JJY Case

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The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed through a regular briefing on April 4 that “Besides Roy Kim, singers Jeong Jinwoon, Kangin, Lee Jong Hyun, and Yong Junhyung and model Lee Chul Woo who are being mentioned regarding Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms are all classified as references or witnesses.”

It was announced that the police have no plans to question the “Hitmaker” cast as the said chatroom was only used during production to share shooting schedules.

The policed added, “Lee [Jong Hyun] and Yong [Junhyung] have completed witness questioning, and there are no plans to question the others.”

On April 3, Label SJ issued an official statement regarding the rumors that Super Junior Kangin was also part of the scandalous group chat with Jung Joon Young.

It was last March 28 when rumor reports surfaced that there is another chatroom with Jung Joon Young that include his “Hitmaker” cast mates; Kangin, 2AM’s Jeong Jin Woon and model Lee Chul Woo.

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In response to the rumor, Label SJ issued the following statement:

“Hello, this is Label SJ’s statement regarding Kangin. It is true that he was temporarily in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young when starring in a variety show with him. The program was three years ago, so the chatroom no longer exists. Although he cannot remember what other cast members posted or had conversations about, Kangin says that he himself did not film or share illegal hidden camera footage at all. He has not been contacted by an [investigative] agency in regards to this, but if a request for cooperation is made, he will actively cooperate.”

We hope that this finally clears up the unfounded rumors that surround the cast members of “Hitmaker”.

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