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Meet The Voices Behind Your Favorite K-Drama OSTs [Female Version]

Aside from the story and the actors themselves, we also fell in love with the OSTs and we can’t help but be curious about the voices behind those beautiful songs.

Let’s get to know these talented singers who gave their beautiful voices to some of our favorite K-dramas.


Ailee is a Korean-American singer and songwriter now based in South Korea. She was born in Denver, Colorado, and grew up in New Jersey. She is signed under YMC Entertainment.

She recorded “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” for the 2016 hit Korean drama Goblin. She also sang “Goodbye My Love” (Fated To Love You) and “Because It’s Love” (Come Back Mister). 

Recently, Ailee recorded a song for the 2018 Romantic-Mystery drama, Memories of Alhambra entitled “Is You”.

2. BEN

Her birth name is Lee Eun-young. She was first known as a member of the South Korean band, Bebe Mignon from 2010 to 2011.

Ben is probably one of this generation’s most popular K-drama OST singers. She was famous for singing “Misty Road” from the 2016 hit Korean drama Love In The Moonlight. “Misty Road” is composed by one of the main casts of the said drama, B1A4’s Jinyoung.

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She also recorded “Darling You” Duet with Kim Tae-woo (Oh My Venus), “Memory” (Introverted Boss), “If We Were Destined” (Hwayugi) and “If You Were Me” (Mr. Sunshine).


Davichi is a South Korean duo which consists of vocalists Lee Hae-ri and Kang Min-kyung. Their duo name means “Shining Over Everything”.

Their voices was featured on several hit korean dramas such as Descendants of the Sun and It’s Okay, That’s Love. 

They also gave their beautiful voices to other OSTs such as “Because It’s You” (BIG), “Forgetting You” (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo), “Today I Miss You Too” (While You Were Sleeping) and “Falling In Love” (The Beauty Inside).


Born as Park Ji-yeon, Gummy is best known for her korean drama soundtrack appearances. Dubbed as the “Queen of OST” by the Media people.

She recorded “You Are My Everything” (Descendants Of The Sun) which became a widely-known korean drama OST in 2016.

Gummy has this unique singing voice that can make you recognize her easily.

She also recorded “Snowflake” (That Winter, The Wind Blows), “Day and Night” (Master’s Sun), “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” (Love In The Moonlight) and “Erase It” (100 Days My Husband)

Gummy is married to Korean actor Jo Jung-suk. They tied the knot last October 2018.

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Kim Hyo-jung, also known by her stage name Hyolyn, is a former member and the leader of K-pop girl group Sistar. She established her own label, Bridg3.

Hyolyn is one of the most featured K-pop artists in Korean drama soundtracks. She recorded “Goodbye” (My Love From The Star), “Crazy of You” (Master’s Sun), “Come A Little Closer” (Warm and Cozy), “I Miss You” (Uncontrollably Fond), “Our Tears” (Hwarang), “Spring Watch” (Black Knight) and “Just Stay” (Thirty But Seventeen).


Photo Credits to DramaWiki

Kim Na-young gained popularity through YouTube when someone uploaded her busking video in Hongdae. She became famous for recording several k-drama soundtracks such as “Once Again” (Descendants of the Sun), “Say Goodbye” (Uncontrollably Fond), “I’m Okay” (The Emperor: Ruler of the Mask), “Maze” (While You Were Sleeping), “Because I Only See You” (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?) and “Tell Me’ (Are You Human?).



Like Hyolyn, Kim Yeon-ji was also a member of a K-pop girl group. She was the main vocalist of SeeYa. 

She recorded some k-drama soundtracks such as “Love is Right” (Padam, Padam), “Between Seasons” (The Emperor: Ruler of the Mask), “Do You Know” (The King is In Love), “When Our Eyes Met” (Lawless Lawyer) and “Words of my Heart” (I’m Not A Robot).

8. LYN 

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Like Gummy, Lyn (Birth name: Lee Se-jin) is also known for her soundtrack appearances. She recorded OSTs for several dramas such as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Moon Embracing the Sun, Mask, Oh My Venus, Descendants of the Sun, Legends of the Blue Sea, My Love From The Star and Are You Human?

9. Yoon Mi-rae

Yoon Mi-rae (Born as Natasha Shanta Reid) is an American-born Korean Rapper and Hip-Hop artist. Mi-rae is considered as one of the prominent female rappers in Korea. She is married to her fellow rapper, Tiger JK. She is a member of Hip-hop trio, MFBTY alongside Tiger JK and Bizzy.

She recorded several OSTs such as “Touch Love” (Master’s Sun), “I Love You” (It’s Okay That’s Love), “I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say” (Who Are You: School 2015), “Always” (Descendants Of The Sun), “You Are My World” (Legends of the Blue Sea) and “The Sky of My Youth” (The Best Hit).



Born as Bae Jin-yeong. Punch is widely known for her K-drama OST participation. She is signed under YamYam Entertainment.

She recorded “Sleepless Nights” (It’s Okay That’s Love), “First Love” (Pinocchio), “Blow Away” (Who Are You: School 2015), “Everytime” (Descendants of the Sun), “Say Yes” (Scarlet Heart:Ryeo), “Stay With Me” (Goblin), “When My Loneliness Calls You” (Missing 9), “Beautiful Beautiful” (The Best Hit), “Why Why Why” (Live) and “I’ll Love You” (Risky Romance).

Did I miss your favorite OST singer? You can write it in our comment section below.

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