Who is your “kdrama boyfriend”? Take this quiz to know now!

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What type of person are you?

1. Go with the flow
2. Perfectionist

Pick a good trait.

1. Kind
2. Optimistic
3. Understanding

Pick a pet.

1. Dog
2. Cat

Pick a genre.

1. Ballad
2. Hiphop

Are you athletic?

1. No
2. Yes

What is your age range?

1. <13 years old
2. >30 years old
3. 19-29 years old
4. 14-18 years old

Pick your ideal date.

1. He got all things prepared for you.
2. Netflix and Chill.
3. Strolling on the beach.

This will be random. Pick the choice that you think will lead you to your oppa.

1. A
2. B

All 8 questions completed!

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Who is your "kdrama boyfriend"? Take this quiz to know now!

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